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Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Feb. 20, 2018

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of Feb. 20 2018 Compiled 12:19 am EDT 20 Feb. 2018 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abus...

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

"With or Without" - Tues. AM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ Frank26


Samson » February 20th, 2018

Kurdistan Financial Economy Announces a new schedule for the distribution of salaries to employees

20th February, 2018

The Ministry of Finance in the Kurdistan Regional Government on Monday announced a new schedule for the distribution of salaries to employees and employees in the departments and institutions and ministries.

The ministry said in a statement that will begin to distribute the salaries of the 70 and 80 forces of the Ministry of Peshmerga from Tuesday 20/2/2018, and until 22 on Thursday, the month of February LINK

Abadi adviser: Gulf countries intend to extinguish debts owed by Iraq

2018-02-19 at 20:42 (Baghdad time)

The economic adviser to the Prime Minister, the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, on Monday, Iraq is committed to the limits set for all countries on access to loans, while they revealed an intention by the Gulf countries to extinguish the debts owed by Iraq.

"Most of his debt goes back to the pre-1990 era, to the Iran-Iraq war, a debt that has not been confirmed because there is no documentation to prove it," Saleh told Mawazine News.

He disclosed that "the intention of the Gulf States to write off debts owed by Iraq for a final," pointing out that "the UAE years ago, decided to cancel the debt, but it is still verbally undocumented."

He expected the economic adviser, "to write off debts owed by Iraq after the Kuwait Conference so that it has the capacity to deal with loans," describing the talk about Iraq's acceptance of loans obtained at the Kuwait Conference as "contradictory because the World Bank is a sponsor of the conference, Iraq's inability to repay loans. "

"Iraq does not need the loans it gets at the conference, even if it has soft benefits," said Abdul Rahman al-Mashhadani, an economist at the Kuwait conference. "Iraq needs loans to buy production lines, Investments in factories to operate a workforce or loans that address the balance of payments imbalances. "

"Iraq has a license it obtained two years ago when they gave it a B + credit rating from the World Bank that qualifies for taking loans with its guarantee as well as the International Monetary Fund. It also has a pledge from Britain of 10 billion pounds, up to 14 billion dollars, What came out of the Kuwait Conference. "

He explained that "the purpose of the Kuwait conference is to obtain grants, but what we got is loans," revealing at the same time that "some investors are afraid even from tribal conflicts that threaten some projects."

Sources familiar with the Council of Prime Ministers have revealed earlier that Prime Minister Haider Abadi may "reject" loans granted to Iraq at the Kuwait Conference, noting that the World Bank has confirmed the inability of the country to bear more debt.

The Kuwait International Conference for the Reconstruction of Iraq was launched on Monday, February 12, 2018, and concluded on Wednesday (February 14th).

During the conference, Iraq received non-sovereign loans, financing and project guarantees amounting to $ 11.61 billion, through $ 1 billion Kuwait, 0.5 reconstruction exports from Saudi Arabia, $ 5,200 billion, $ 210 million, United Kingdom, $ 3.5 billion, and 1.2 billion US dollars), in addition to sovereign loans. LINK

HappyGolfer » February 20th, 2018

Samson this article isn’t something to pass up imo. The Kurds don’t all have to be present, just enough to make a quorum, and bingo majority vote = Budget. You can thank the Union of Forces YOUR HOT SAMSON

Samson » February 20th, 2018

Al-Mahna: The budget will pass by majority after the approval of part of the Kurds to approve it

09:11 - 20/02/2018

The deputy of the National Alliance Sadik al-Mahna, on Tuesday, the removal of many obstacles that stood in front of the adoption of the law of the general budget, while stressing that some Kurdish lawmakers agreed to pass the law, it is likely to vote by majority during the coming sessions.

Al-Mahna said in a statement that the budget will be passed during the next session of the House of Representatives as a result of overcoming many of the obstacles that stood in front of the passage of the budget, "pointing out that" the meeting of the three presidencies with the Finance Committee will bring greater impetus to pass the budget. "

Al-Mahna added that "the budget will pass by a majority of the National Alliance and the Union of Forces and part of the deputies of the Kurds during the coming sessions," noting that "17% ended because it was given in accordance with moods and political consensus." LINK

Mark555 » February 20th, 2018


Frank26 » February 20th, 2018

AS WE SHARED ON M CC FROM LAST WEEK ................. WITH OR WITHOUT YOU SPOILED KURDS ............ FOLLOWED BY ............ WHATEVER !!! (smile)

DR S WORDS ........... RE-WORDED.

Samson » February 20th, 2018

The recovery of the Iraqi dinar

20th February, 2018

Samir Nusairi

After great efforts and exceptional by the Central Bank of Iraq during the past two years in the development of monetary policy tools and the specific procedures of the specialized departments in the Central Bank and direct supervision of the banking sector and its assessment and classification in accordance with international standards in addition to the internal banking operations of banks, which was supporting the implementation of the plans of the Central Bank contributed a large contribution In the recovery of the Iraqi dinar in comparison with the exchange rate of the US dollar, which was one of the main reasons for the new regulatory procedures used to regulate the process of selling the window

and determine the last beneficiary and the size of d T middlemen and speculators in addition to the banks commitment and cooperation with the Central Bank of the supporting and coordinating role played by the Iraqi private banks association and urged the departments of banks on the need to support the directives of the Central Bank in the service of the national economy and harnessing the potential of private banks in the central purpose of which is to work on the recovery of the Iraqi dinar And raise the value of cash and purchasing against the US dollar.

It pleases the Iraqi public and strengthens the economic situation and achieve financial and monetary stability. What is important is to work on the continuation of the state of recovery and to take advantage of the economic and investment openness from the countries of the world to Iraq, and especially achieved at the donor countries conference in Kuwait. LINK

Doodlebug » February 20th, 2018

Well, good morning CBI! Hmmm... if this is the true translation and you are really selling your machines, why are you selling them? Don't the old machines work? Did you recently get new machines and are NOW putting them to work? Frank26 and DELTA did mention this to the family awhile ago... just my opinion.

Frank26 » February 20th, 2018

CBI SAYS TO DB ........................ AHHHHHHHH? ................ YUUUUUUUUUUUP

Samson » February 20th, 2018

Auction for selling (counting machines, sorting and currency packages)

20th February, 2018

The Central Bank of Iraq announces a public auction for the sale of ((counting machines and sorting and currency packages)) under the Law of Sale and Rent No. (21) for the year 2013. Invites interested parties to participate in public bidding to attend the building of the Central Bank of Iraq / Rashid Street on Wednesday, 2018 / 2/28 at 10:00 am according to the following conditions:

A certified instrument for the order of the Central Bank of Iraq in the amount of (1.260.000) million and two hundred and sixty thousand Iraqi dinars, which represents 20% of the value of the estimated value of the machines are not allowed to enter the auction without providing insurance.

Original and photocopy documents of the baker.

The bidder shall bear the fees of publishing the advertisement and the fees of the mark by 2%.


Frank26 » February 20th, 2018

WALKINGSTICK ........................ BINGO !!!

Samson » February 20th, 2018

Al-Enezi: "The government focused on turning the Kuwait conference into an "investment of donors, not lenders."

19th February, 2018

The deputy of the National Alliance Abdul Karim al-Enezi, said Monday, February 19, 2018, that the Iraqi government has made great efforts to make the conference on reconstruction in Kuwait, a conference of "donors and not lenders."

"The Iraqi government has made strenuous efforts to attract funds for construction, development and reconstruction, which are commendable efforts both in terms of investment and grants," Al-Enezi told Al-Masalla.

Al-Anzi stressed that "the government has made efforts with the State of Kuwait to organize the conference."

Al-Anzi stressed that "the Iraqi government has made great efforts to make the conference a donors conference, and to convert loans to grants from those who promised us that they came to help Iraq."

The deputy of the coalition of state law Jassim Mohammed Jaafar, Sunday, February 18, 2018, that the Kuwait conference was a successful and influential conference to benefit from Iraq, and was a clear message to investors and donor countries that Iraq can be free of terrorism.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said on Wednesday that the response to the conference was a sign of confidence in the Iraqi government and people, pointing out that Iraq was on track and the international community had shown confidence in it LINK

Frank26 » February 20th, 2018


Samson » February 20th, 2018

Video: What prevents the World Bank from handing over the funds of the Kuwait Conference for Iraq?

20th February, 2018 DELTA - VIDEO IF INTERESTED

The task of fighting corruption , which announced by the Iraqi government after declaring victory on Daesh, to prosecute corruption capital and recover the looted money and to end the presence of centenarians in managerial positions over the previous governments and the current, the task seems difficult and will not accomplish easily, which was confirmed by Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi during a weekly conferences, Saying that fighting and eliminating corruption in the country is a major process that will not end within days.

Without the internationalization of the issue of corruption in Iraq, it would not be possible to resolve the issue and future generations will not be able to obtain their most basic rights according to MPs. Parliament officials called for the formation of an international coalition very similar to the one formed in 2000 But his tasks will be not to fight a staunch but to combat the scourge of corruption that has ravaged the state and looted its financial budgets over the past years.

The fight against corruption through the international community and the United Nations is not limited to retrieving the Iraqi money smuggled from it, but to restore the confidence of the whole world in the status and credibility of Iraq, where a member of the Committee on Economy and Investment in the House of Representatives Amer al-Fayez, the requirement of the World Bank to keep the funds of the donor conference held in Kuwait Under his supervision is expected, in view of Iraq's global diagnosis of high corruption index, which increases the concern of the world's countries to invest or trade or grant grants to this country. LINK

(Courtesy of Dinar Recaps)

"The Way to Get Things Started" - Dinar Alert News Discussion 2-20-18

Dinar Alert

Iraq Dinar, Iraqi Banks, Iraqi Stock Exchange (ISX) News > Dollar rates: a slight rise in Baghdad, Erbil and stability in Basra

19/2/2018 BAGHDAD / NRT

Dollar exchange rates recorded, Monday, stock exchanges rose in Baghdad and Erbil, and stable in Basra Stock Exchange in front of the dinar in trading foreign currency market in Iraq.

​Baghdad Stock Exchange
Selling price of $ 100 = 122.100 dinars
purchase $ 100 = 123,000 dinars price

Erbil Stock Exchange
selling price of $ 100 = 122.900 dinars
purchase $ 100 = 123.050 dinars price

Basra Stock Exchange
selling price of $ 100 = 122.750 dinars
purchase price of $ 100 = 123.500 dinars


Kaperoni: 1221 to $1

Kaperoni: I believe the 2% goal is 1213 to $1 (1184 + 6 dinar CBI commission =1190 x .02 = 1213)

wn: Thanks Kap.

kw: I will take the spread because of te week dollar andy way I can get it at this point. The up side is this has been stedy for almost 3 weeks now.

justwaiting: Just a curiosity question Kap. Are you adding commission to be safe (imf 2% spread) or?? good move to cover ~ did not think t o compute as such. I was still on 1184 x 1.02 = 1208. Like the 1213 - Grin!!! Bigun TY!

I too like the 1213, but I'm pretty sure that it should be 1204 !

justwaiting: well, CBI is 1184 now, that could be the difference (from earlier , 1180 & 1182) possibly. Any way, keep moving down ~ and when get there STAY THERE for the REQUIRED TIME hahaha. oh man, ! ! for us all! PS - those / these figures do NOT include commission ~~

Kaperoni: I believe I read once in the CBI docs they allow for the CBI commission. In any case, if they get to around 1213 they will call it compliance. The question then is will they wait the full 90 days?


Iraq Government News > Cabinet announces key recommendations to ensure a sound investment climate in Iraq

Monday 19 February 2018 | 13:51 BAGHDAD / .. approved the Council of Ministers, on Monday, the key recommendations to ensure a sound investment climate in Iraq that are implemented according to the law.

The recommendations include, according to the statement of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers received "appointed Iraq News" full investment life cycle, a strategic vision, attracting investment, and enter the investment and its establishment, investment promotion and expansion, links and indirect effects.

Under the main recommendations of the President, to develop an operating system of special economic zones in Iraq, and the development of guidelines for the statement of national investment policy, and enable the economic reforms provide technical support to the Higher Committee for the implementation of the agreed investment reforms, and to provide technical support to the Commission for the premiership projects proposed investment plan Basra province to implement the investment reform action plan for Basra, and a review of the requirements for obtaining entry and propose an action plan to simplify the issuance of visas and the establishment of a visa category of investor and clear procedures for visa.

​The statement added, " The recommendations contain the development of measures to increase access to information and opportunities for private sector participation in government tenders, and the provision of technical assistance and funding to the private sector to enable it to respond to government tenders, and to encourage and facilitate arrangements for companies between Iraqi companies and their foreign counterparts, and the liquidation of financial arrears to the private sector . finished 1


wn: Special economic zones is how China opened up to the world so quickly. It was amazing to watch happen. Mexico also did this when NAFTA got passed. This could be the way to get things started if they can back it up with a good plan.


Kaperoni: Iraq General News > Iranian currency reeling after it lost a quarter of its value in six months .. Iranian anger is coming

February 17 2018 15:03

The collapse of the Iranian currency as a result of the policies of the mullahs Ibrahim al-Obeidi

Observers: the mullahs to continue his way aggressive push to the complete collapse of the currency within a year

Exacerbate Iran 's isolation erases a quarter of the value of its currency in six months there is no hope there will be light front mullahs in light continuing aggressive policies.

He's trying to convince himself, but he would pay harsh of his life under the continuation of the terrorist in the same way that followed.

Thus, observers agreed on what exposed "Iranian currency" of the deterioration ataxia great over the past six months.

They pointed out that the Iranian anger will not be delayed too long, Iranians arrived to the end of the day, there is no longer necessary to blast in the face.

In fact, the Central Bank of Iran flops in a desperate and harsh measures to halt the decline in the riyal against foreign currencies such as the dollar, at a time when political leaders have resorted to threats and accusations, especially Washington's pressure on European banks do not even work with Tehran.

Lost Iranian rial more than 25% of its value against the dollar over the past six months, fell to more than 48 thousand riyals to the dollar late last week, with fading hopes for a boom in foreign investment following the threat of US President, Donald Trump, continuing an end to the nuclear deal with Iran .

The central bank announced the indulgence in the ceiling of interest rates imposed last September on the benefits of funds, so as to encourage depositors to keep their money riyal instead of buying other currencies and the smuggling of funds abroad.

The flight of funds abroad

The traders wave amplitude of money to escape abroad, because of fear of losing their value, especially the Iraqi funds deposited in Iran by Iraqi traders and corrupt officials.

The Iranian central bank will allow measures for banks in the next two weeks to give the benefit of up to 20% on deposits installed for a year compared to 15% previously, according to the confirmation of the media.
The central bank also took further action to stop the growing demand for the dollar, as displayed in the recent sale of gold coins at "attractive."

Iran's government newspaper said authorities also closed bank accounts belonging to about 775 people considered to be "stirring up turmoil in the" local exchange markets after it said they deliberated on the market is equivalent to about 200 trillion rials, more than $ 4 billion.

Close exchange offices

These steps come after police shut down ten exchange offices last week and arrested about 100 ATMs, state television broadcast images of a campaign of raids.

He was quoted by local newspapers about the governor of the Central Bank, Crown God, Saif, as saying: "The financial authorities were able to identify the speculators in the foreign exchange market, and we will use all means to get out of this situation and restore calm to the market."

The dollar was equal to 10 thousand riyals in 2010, but the tightening of US and European sanctions imposed on Iran over its nuclear program as of the end of 2011 led to a decline in the Iranian currency.

For his part, Iranian Vice President Mohammad Baqer Noboukt (indicated is also responsible for budget and planning) -ofaqa report newspaper Arabs to the existence of major problems facing the financial balances as well as cash reserves of the country, adding that "some countries-such as India and China set conditions receive whereby part of the oil revenue is in the form of goods from these countries in the swap agreement. "

Noboukt added that "the basic problem is the heavy climate created by the United States and European banks, which do not dare to work with us."

Observers for "predicted Baghdad Post " that the growing American pressure and international on the mullahs during the coming period, which will lead to further ataxia currency and more Takbtha,

which is reflected in the end of the Iranian people who came uprising last December 2017 as a sign glowing red mullahs not to continue in this way, it should pay attention to be "Iran first", and do not need to spend money on Iran militias or go to Hezbollah and the Houthis and others.

It's heavy tax paid by the mullahs and will continue under the survival of his terrorism.


Punisher: Poor Iran....I feel sorry for them (Not!).

Terry: Well, at least they still have the 150 bill $$$ that o gave them. :)

Kaperoni: and they are good counterfeiters

wn: The Moolas probably invested is Swiss Francs way before they screwed up the currency value.

anya: The frozen funds were returned (not "gven") to Iran in excange for limiting its nuclear program. And it was $100 billion, not $150 billion.

Mike: I love it, hopefully the Iranian people know why their lives are deteriorating, the govenrment gives money to the Houthi's, Hezbollah, Syria and other Shia proxy states and starves their own people of the simple things in life like food and financial security. I hope the US turns up the pressure on these bottom feeders.

Terry: The Iranian people need a revolution. Time for the goat loving mullahs to go.

TrixieDinar: The LA Times, Time, NYT, and others news outlets have a different story. The money was owed to Iran since 1979, originally 400 million:and paid with interest thru a court mandate:


Terry: I concede after researching that many news sources say it was 100 bil. The point being was that also news sources are saying that a significant portion of the money has gone to fund terrorist organization like Hezbollah. Also many in the know say it was the stupidest (Iran nuclear deal) deal in the history of mankind of which I agree.

kw: According to politifact it was 2 billion:

Handel’s staff pointed to a March 17, 2016, letter from the U.S. State Department saying Iran had received about $1.7 billion as part of the nuclear agreement. The money was legally due to Iran. The country had paid America for military equipment in 1979, but then the Iranian revolution came and the hardware was never delivered.

In August 2016, many news organizations reported the delivery of $400 million of that $1.7 billion in cash. As part of that exchange, an unmarked cargo plane delivered the money after American officials were certain that three Americans held in Iran were on their way home. even the LA times reported 1.7 billion.

kw: Agreed mike, I have been watching the recent protests in Iran and have good friends from there, and they are saying the same thing. Their is a move to bring the Shaw’s son back and get rid of the religious stronghold on the country.

Punisher: That is great to know Kw! Thanks. These bastards are gonna get what has been coming to them! Glad the citizens have had enough!

TrixieDinar: KW, the article I included stated the original amount for the arms sales was 400 million and with paid interest on that amount, the total came to 1.7 billion, so we are in the same ballpark. Thanks!


(Courtesy of Dinar Recaps)

Wake up Call: Horus via Nancy Tate for February 20, 2018

Wake up Call: Horus, February 20, 2018

If there was a time for all of us to go ahead with the thoughts of our dreams and lay the lines of every move that feels good, then we would set forth on the journey that will help to bring total Peace, Joy and Love to not only our individual lives, but to all life on earth and beyond. That is proof that we are all One. I am Horus, with you in this moment of creation.

As I go beyond this moment I bring to you some news that has been swimming around the world for a number of days. I bring to you the news of the RV being put into balance and readying itself for the openness of the distribution of the funds that are in place in a safety zone. There is much to come in the next days that will show you all why there has been no distribution of them yet. It will prove that the cabal are being put into their sleep and brought to the place where they will be able to clear out all of the debris that has kept them working for their control.

This is one of the reasons that there hasn’t been a release of the funds yet, for if it were to be freed, we would see that the idea of freedom is not being lived. It is a matter of there being no danger of the leaking of the negative energy into the release, for if it were allowed to set forth into the ideas and dreams of what people would do with the funds, then it would find obstacles to being able to do it all in the freedom that is necessary for it to bring forth the harmony that is in so many peoples’ dreams. The reality of what harmony means is going to show people how they can come to the place where they will begin to remember was their home base so many lifetimes ago.

It is a matter of working through not only the clearance of the cabal, but also of the energies of ‘not good enough’, or ‘not capable’ that so many people have not even realized are parts of what has been keeping them from being able to stand in their power and know that they can create the world that is destined for all of life.

Yes dear ones, there is coming that new way of the return to freedom that is going to show you all why the delay has been in place. It will give you all the picture of the trueness of freedom, and the reality of the trueness of what it means to move forward in the Peace, Joy and Harmony of all of life. It is on its way, and you will all see what I mean as the workings that are, as I speak, swimming through each and everyone’s lives.

You are all so wonderful and full of the destiny that is around the corner and in the progress. It will show you all why the delays, and why you have been experiencing what is in the movement right now. So relax; enjoy the moment of the life that you are creating and know that it is the creation of the perfection that you desire and will completely enjoy.

Love is all there is, and you are proof of that not only through those who are in your lives, but also through yourself so succinctly.

Thank you dear Horus,

Much Love,

Nancy Tate

Source: Tree of the Golden Light

The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council: The Human Council(s)

The Human Council(s) ∞ The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

FEB 20 2018

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

It is beautiful to witness your evolution and to see our small part in that process. We are happy to see that the human collective is taking on so much energy and assimilating that energy for the purposes of creating something your world has never seen before. We can see the foundation has been laid for the creation of a Human Council, one that has no boundaries, no borders, no national affiliation, one that goes far beyond where your United Nations has been able to take you.

This Human Council will consist of spiritual leaders and teachers from around the world, and it will act as a type of board of directors that will handle the big issues that are coming with the shift in consciousness. You can rest assured that preparations are being made to unify humanity, as your ascension event gets closer and closer to you.

You are all going to be called upon to do something, to contribute, to help the ones who are lagging behind a bit. This is one of the reasons why so many of you have that feeling right now of being without a fulfilling life’s purpose.

There will also be a need for smaller human councils, ones that will deal with issues that are closer to a community level. You are welcome to begin forming them now. You are in fact forming them. We have seen several groups coming together to work together to harmonize towards a specific goal. Any time humans come together to promote something positive on planet Earth, it brings us joy. As we said, we love witnessing your evolution.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

Source: Rainbow Wave of Light

Dreams of a Praying Mantis: Meaning and Interpretations

Praying Mantis Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Praying Mantis Dream Symbol – Praying mantis visits your dreams to bring tranquility, peace, and calm to your life. This little creature never makes a move unless it is absolutely sure of what to do and the outcomes. This can be a message to you to think things through. Stop. Before you act think of the alternatives and their consequences.

If you do not, praying mantis can be warning this is the calm before the storm. Be on your guard. Listen to your intuition. Trust your gut instincts. Let your instincts guide you to take appropriate action at this time for your faith will be well rewarded. Be aware of your surroundings. Be instinctively in tune with your emotions. When you act instinctively you are acting true to yourself.

Praying mantis can visit when you need time out. When you need to contemplate life, the world, and your part in it. So much may be going on that you are always on the go. There is little time left for yourself. This little creature reminds that you need to act from a centered self to make the wisest decisions.

Take time for some peace, quiet, and calm in your life. Avoid impatience. Be at peace with the calm around you. Enjoy it. Use it to meditate and reevaluate where you want to go. Find clarity in peace and quiet.

When Praying Mantis crosses your Path

Praying mantis crosses you path to remind that you need to take your time and do things at your own pace. Avoid letting others pressure you into action before you are ready. You will know when the time is right.

Source: Dream Stop

The Creator via Jennifer Farley: Strength

Strength | The Creator

FEB 20 2018

Do you choose to be weak or strong? You may believe this comes from how you were raised, where you come from, what you have experienced or how you live your life. The Universe is here to tell you that both things come from within and depends solely on your thoughts and actions. Jut like making a conscious decision toward joy, happiness, love, inclusion and peace…it is your choice, it has always been your choice. ~ Creator

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley, TheraHealing Instructor/Practitioner at The Creator Writings

Source: Rainbow Wave of Light

Daily Teachings of the Masters for February 20, 2018

Daily Teachings of the Masters

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Come to me all who are weary and be faithful.

Faithfulness is a gift that you give to yourself as you learn to be faithful to your own Higher Self.

There is a natural rhythm that is operating simultaneously to your everyday life.

As you learn to master it you will awaken.

It is time, therefore, to put down the treaties, the heavy books and to realize that there already exists an inner library revealing your truth.

It is within the sanctuary of your own Higher Heart.

Now as you remain faithful you will come to realize just how easy it is to access it and respond.

That is why we say to get quiet, to quiet the mind and listen with the heart.

You are awakening.




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